Escape room Mayan Mind Maze

Compañía: Mayan Mind Maze


5a Avenida Sur 250 Gonzalo Guerrero 77600 San Miguel de Cozumel, Q.R. ()

+52 19878720123

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Mayan Mind Maze™ is a live-action, interactive and team-building escape game created for groups of 2-10 participants. The Premiere Escape Room experience in Cozumel incorporates Mayan mythology, history, and immersive design to make your total experience something you will never forget!

Your team has 60 minutes to escape from the locked room by working together to unravel clues, solve riddles and uncover hidden objects – even when it means using what seems useless.

A modern day “Indiana Jones” mystery from the script of Mayan History!

Work together while discovering the elusive Mayan secrets to find your way out!

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